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Protein Wafer Bars WonderSlim Vanilla (5 ct)

Item #: WS151
Protein Wafer Bars WonderSlim Vanilla (5 ct)

Price: $14.95

Availability: In stock

Protein Wafer Bars WonderSlim Vanilla (5 ct)

Price: $14.95

In stock

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  • High Protein – 15 Grams per Serving
  • Two Wafer Bars per Serving
  • 200 Calories per Serving
  • Each Serving Contains Only 6 Grams of Sugar
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Aspartame Free
  • Wrapped In Single Serving Packs

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Have you ever noticed how many low-sugar treats seem to be loaded with empty calories yet still seem to taste bland? To create a healthy snack that people really enjoy eating, you have to start by focusing on flavor and texture. These high protein wafer bars are built from layers of delicate, crispy wafers layered with a sweet vanilla cream. To dial up the flavor even more, WonderSlim has added an undercoating of dark chocolate. If that sounds delicious but a little too rich for your post-surgery lifestyle, you’ll be pleased to know each 200 calorie serving also delivers 15 grams of quality protein yet contains only 6 grams of sugar. Enjoy with a cup of tea or your favorite high protein hot beverage as a relaxing way to help meet your daily protein quota.

*2 meals is the monetary equivalent of $0.20. $0.10 helps provide 1 meal secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks. WonderSlim pledges a minimum of 1,500,000 meals (monetary equivalent of $150,000) to Feeding America® and member food banks from 02/15/2019 to 02/14/2020.


Protein blend (milk protein isolate, hydrolyzed gelatin, whey protein isolate, pea protein isolate), wheat flour, fractionated palm and palm kernel oil, sugar, fructose, milk ingredients (skim milk powder, whole milk powder, Butter fat), cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, soy lecithin, natural and artificial flavors, soy flour, water, sunflower oil, salt, sodium bicarbonate, sucralose (non-nutritive sweetener), corn flour.



WonderSlim Protein Wafers


Unwrap the bar and enjoy as a high protein snack alternative. This product is best when stored in a cool, dry place.


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19 Customer Reviews

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I love these.
by Michael on 7/15/2016
The Vanilla is my favorite of these. I make like them a little to much actually. They are good and filling for a bit plus you get a great amount of protein. You need to have something on hand to drink while you eat these.
great new product
by Barbara on 7/15/2016
Love both this and the chocolate version! Crunchy and creamy, very good! Definitely ordering more.
by Vickie on 8/10/2016
These taste almost like the sugar wafers I enjoyed as a kid. Delicious! I love having another way to get my protein in and have a sweet treat at the same time. What a nice change from typical protein bars. I totally love these! :-)
Try these frozen
by Lois on 8/14/2016
My favorite, by far, is the vanilla. Try them straight out of the freezer--they will be firm, but not hard, and taste even better than plain.
Absolutely Delicious!
by Cheryl on 6/16/2017
I forgot to rate this item I just reviewed and wanted to go back and give it a strong 5 stars for the vanilla flavor. Can't wait to try the mocha.

I just tried these with a recent purchase. They are absolutely delicious and meet my desire for something sweet, without being overwhelmingly sweet. I will most certainly keep them on my subscription order.
by Barbara on 7/7/2017
Love the taste and the lightness of this sweet treat! Large serving. Will purchase again!
Excellent meal replacement.
by Cindy on 12/30/2017
Fun meal replacement! Tastes like a decadent vanilla wafer cookie. Very light, but stopped my lunch hunger quickly. Would highly recommend and looking forward to trying the chocolate next order!
Love Them
by BARBARA on 1/10/2018
They have helped me curb my desire for other snacks. It taste great. Even my husband loves them.
Too good to be a protein bar.
by sheila on 4/4/2018
These were amazing and was so much fresher than their competitors with the same type of bar. My husband and I noticed it immediately that the chocolate tasted really good and the wafer reminded us of those sweetened wafers you get at the grocery store. He said if I bought these regularly I would have to ration them to him because they are really good.
Tasty enough to buy again
by Donya on 4/5/2018
I enjoyed this high protein snack. No, it does not taste like the full sugar, full fat version of wafers. However, I imagine that those of us shopping on this site have learned not to expect high protein, low fat, low sugar treats to taste like their counterparts. That being said, these taste very good for what they are. I liked them enough that I definitely want to buy them again and they will do for times when I am craving a cookie-type treat.
yum yum yum
by Karen on 5/31/2018
I love these in all the flavors... . Has a great crisp and not to sweet but sweet enough for a sweet tooth.. each packet has 2 wafers and sometimes 1 is all you need. will be reordering more
by Pam on 7/8/2018
Love these. They satisfy my hunger and sweet tooth.
So good!
by Katrishia on 3/21/2019
I eat these daily! I have to but 2-3 boxes every month. My daughter loves them as well because they are sweet but not too sweet and they are filling. They are perfect as a snack before bed when I am craving something sweet
by Lynnie Pooh on 5/9/2019
These bars are absolutely delicious!! They taste just like a sugar wafer cookie!! It's great to have something that's good for me actually taste great too!!
by Theresa on 10/21/2019
Holds for hours til ext yogurt
Pretty good
by Amy on 12/11/2017
I think these are pretty good, and almost as good as the chocolate ones. These have a little bit of a diet taste to them, but they are still good and freshly crisp.
Dry and tastes like protein powder
by Jessica on 4/23/2018
It would be great with coffee but of course, not supposed to drink while eating so it tastes dry and similar to protein powder.

Hello Jessica,
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you did not care for the WonderSlim Wafers in Vanilla. but you are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.

by Pam on 3/16/2019
These are very tasty and satisfy a sweet tooth
Too expensive
by Deborah on 2/1/2018
The wafers were tasty, but almost too sweet. They are too expensive for the amount you get.

Hi Deborah, thank you for your feedback. We completely understand your concern regarding the WonderSlim Wafer Bars and apologize for the trouble. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you, and we appreciate your business.