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WonderSlim Diet Plan FAQ's

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If you’re in the process of losing weight before bariatric surgery, the WonderSlim® Weight Loss Plan is a great tool to help hit your target weight. It is easy to follow, nutritionally balanced and you’ll eat often enough to stave off the cravings that can cause setbacks. If you’ve had weight loss surgery and, after many months of valiant effort, reached your ideal weight only to discover you’re gaining back some of those unwanted pounds, the WonderSlim® Weight Loss Plan can help you re-learn portion control while you drop the excess weight.

Like weight loss surgery itself, this plan is a tool to help you achieve your goals. Since you won’t truly appreciate how simple and effective this tool is until you’ve tried it, we thought we’d take a moment to answer a few of the questions people have before trying the WonderSlim® Weight Loss Plan.

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  What Is Included In The Diet Kits?

  What Is Included In The Diet Kits?

Each diet kit (Basic, Core and Premium) includes a variety of WonderSlim® products sufficient to carry you through the time period of the kit. You’ll also receive a Food Shopping List, Food Diary, Multi-Vitamins, EFA Softgels and a 20 oz. WonderSlim® Blender Bottle. To help you achieve your long-term goals, we also give you the WonderSlim® Lifestyle Guide; a 12-step lesson guide which covers nutritional education, exercise and behavior modification techniques.

Our diet kits never leave you guessing what you’ll need to eat each day. It is all laid out in plain, easy-to-understand language. While each plan may seem a bit structured at first sight, you’ll be amazed by the exciting variety of flavors and textures available to you. Since “boring diets never last,” we strive to keep your taste buds interested.

  Can I Customize a Diet Kit?

  How Much Weight Will I Lose?

  Should I Check With A Doctor Before I Start Your Diet Plan?

  How Often Will I Eat On This Plan?

  How Much Water Should I Drink?

  Can I Have Coffee, Tea Or Diet Soda?

  Do I Need To Exercise For The Plan to Work?

  Do You Have Any Proof That Meal Replacement Diets Work?

  Does Your Diet Plan Include A Meal?

  When Do I Eat My Healthy Meal?

  Can I Download the Plan Guidelines and Print Materials?

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