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Wonderlife Women's 50 Billion Probiotic Formula - 30 VCaps

Item #: WLF6401
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Price: $30.18

Availability: In stock

Wonderlife Women's 50 Billion Probiotic Formula - 30 VCaps

Price: $30.18

In stock

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  • Balanced Blend of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacterium
  • Contains a Prebiotic Blend to Nourish Existing Beneficial Intestinal Microflora
  • Aids Digestion and Boosts Your Immune System
  • Helps Nourish and Support Vaginal and Urinary Organs
  • Patented Shelf Stable Poly Matrix System
  • Contains Bio-Enhanced Acid Resistant Strains
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • Gluten Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Quality and Potency Guaranteed



Why settle for a “hit or miss” probiotic blend, when you can harness the power of 8 hardy probiotic strains? Each of the 8 strains in this proprietary vegetarian blend has been developed through decades of intensive scientific research and exposure to a variety of harsh conditions. As a result, each strain has developed resistance to acidity, alkalinity, moisture, pressure, and antibiotics. What does that mean for you? You'll get an effective multilevel probiotic that is guaranteed to survive long enough in your body to provide the necessary benefit your digestive and immune systems. It also means our patented polymatrix process ensures that these shelf-stable capsules retain their potency past the expiration date on the bottle.


Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, women take one (1) vegetarian capsule daily with meals or as directed by a health care professional.



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