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ProtiDiet High Protein Bariatric Oatmeal, Maple Brown Sugar

Item #: PD315
ProtiDiet High Protein Bariatric Oatmeal, Maple Brown Sugar

Price: $29.99

Availability: In stock

ProtiDiet High Protein Bariatric Oatmeal, Maple Brown Sugar

Price: $29.99

In stock

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  • 15 grams of protein per serving
  • 90 calories
  • Aspartame Free
  • Low Carb - 5g Net Carbs*
  • Each Serving Provides 10% DV of Calcium
  • Fits into any diet or weight loss plan

* g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols

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Ready in minutes, this low-carb oatmeal provides plenty of great taste yet is surprisingly sugar free! In addition to avoiding the digestive distress sugar can cause after some forms of weight loss surgery, this tasty oatmeal provides 15 grams of protein and 10% of the Daily Value of Calcium in every satisfying serving.


Pour contents of one and one half scoops in 4 to 5 oz. of hot water. Stir with fork until desired consistency. Let stand approximately 1 minute.


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13 Customer Reviews

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by Sheila on 8/30/2012
I eat this almost every day and I still like it. (Just don't add too much water.)

by Krimicri on 3/27/2011
I loved this oatmeal. The texture does take a little getting used to due to the protein powder in it, but I really enjoyed it and am going to order more. Low cal, decent protein, definitely worth it to me.
I like it!
by Peaches Mom on 3/21/2012
I like this oatmeal. I add a very little brown sugar and it tastes great to me! It is different from "regular" oatmeal, but it tastes good, good protein, low calorie & really fills you up!
Love this oatmeal!
by CHERYLYN on 6/8/2013
I eat this oatmeal EVERY day. I put some berries on it & it is the best! I am never without this oatmeal in my house. I always have extra on hand so I don't runout!
Very good.
by Tammy on 9/12/2014
This oatmeal was nice and filling.
Great! A staple in my diet regime!
by Gina on 12/18/2014
Love this oatmeal. Very Tasty. I usually eat a double portion as a single portion is quite small. But, overall I will continue to buy this product for my breakfast meal.
Love this product
by SG on 11/30/2015
Love this oatmeal! Be sure to read the instructiions and measure out the portion properly - it's one and a half scoops (not just one). Expensive but worth it
Oatmeal is OK when mixed
by Lori on 8/30/2012
I tried this oatmeal and the texture is pretty bad! I mixed it 50/50 with instant oatmeal packets and replaced it in the canister. Again, not the best tasting oatmeal, but bearable and you can't beat the protein!! Best if used with the instant McCains - Irish oatmeal (?). Choose a flavor you like and mix it and keep it in the canister and use the provided scoop
Pretty good
by SlimNVA2010 on 7/29/2010
This oatmeal is very satisfying. The texture is different from regular oatmeal, so it takes some time to get used to.
Love the ease to make & the taste
by Marie on 8/19/2013
I get bent out of shape when I realize my canister is low. I even got my mom hooked on this stuff. I really like it, and I never ate oatmeal before. Wasn't a fan. Now it's a staple of my diet.
ProtiDiet Instant Oatmeal, Maple Brown Sugar
by on 8/30/2012
This is not as good as the WonderSlim line. It's consistency is not as real as the WonderSlim, It has good flavor and it was ok...
Nasty Stuff
by TMB on 10/18/2009
I thought this was awful. I love oatmeal, but I am pretty much of a purist. I like oatmeal, a bit of butter and sweetner. Maple sugar, apple and other "enhancements" rather than improving the flavor wind up ruining it for me. I can eat it with enough salt and Butter Bits on it to hide the taste, but I can not recommend it, nor will I order it again.
Tastes like cardboard
by Cmb on 3/30/2015
I usually buy the bariwise oatmeal and thought I would give this a try because it was a little less costly than bariwise. Take my word for it. Pay the extra! Couldn't even eat I it the taste was so bad. Actually gave it to 2 other people to try and they wouldn't eat it either. Cheaper is definitely not better in this case.