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ProtiDiet Bariatric Protein Pancake Mix, Blueberry

Item #: PD305
ProtiDiet Bariatric Protein Pancake Mix, Blueberry

Price: $14.95

Availability: In stock

ProtiDiet Bariatric Protein Pancake Mix, Blueberry

Price: $14.95

In stock

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  • High Protein - 15 grams per Serving
  • 90 Calories per Serving
  • Low Fat - 1 gram per Serving
  • Contains Only 1 gram of Sugar per Serving
  • Low Carb - 6g Net Carbs*
  • Provides 10% DV of Calcium per Serving

*g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols

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ProtiDiet's cure for the morning blues includes the comfort of hot cakes and plenty of protein power. These low-carb pancakes not only provide you with 15 grams of protein but they also contain 10% of the Daily Value of Calcium. With just 1 gram of sugar per serving, this is an excellent breakfast choice for people who have had weight loss surgery.


Preheat a non-stick skillet at low heat. Stir contents of one pouch of pancake mix in 50 ml (1.8oz) of water. Pour in the skillet and cook for 2 minutes on each side.


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22 Customer Reviews

Set Ascending Direction
by Desiree on 3/7/2013
I add a bit more water than is suggested to make them a bit more of a crepe consistency. I have 2 almost every morning with sugar free syrup and find them filling and satisfying as well as delicious.
I'm going to buy this with my next order
by Patrish on 8/30/2012
Got a free sample of blueberry-perfect,enough for 1 serving-it's filling,moist,fluffy,sweet & tastes nummy-just remember don't cook it for long,I didn't even do 2 min each side like the instructions & watch it closely-I'm going to do like above,make it into a crepe & fill it with fruit mixed in light cream cheese & splenda-give it a try.
I Like it
by Donna Wright on 8/30/2012
The only problem I have found with this product is that when you have to eat so slow, it does get cold by the end. But the flavor is still so good I don't mind it. I put an ounce of fruit on it and then a little bit of low fat very low sugar whipped cream. It is one of the produts that I will probably always buy.
Great Pancakes
by Sue on 5/29/2012
I bought these after reading the reviews on it. I was not disappointed. For a high protein food and all the other advantages of it, I am greatly pleased. I will be ordering more of these pancakes!
Surprisingly yummy
by Robynpednurse on 5/26/2012
I was skeptical after mixing these up. They were kind of watery and I didn't expect much. But they did puff up and were really good! I use the Watson Farms syrup with a little butter spray.
by Angie on 4/7/2011
I've been using the MediFast pancakes for the past 6 weeks, and have needed to "add-to-it" to make it palatable... crushed nuts, flax seeds, wheat germ, cinnamon... yes, all of those things at the same time! I tried this brand, not only because the cost was lower, but because i was hoping to find something a little tastier. Whoa! These are great! And I didn't need to add an assortment of fixer-uppers! And since I make them in the morning, and carry it off to work with me, by the time I actually sit down and it them, they're cold. And they are just yummy yummy when they're cold! Definitely a keeper.
I really do like these
by clundin on 8/15/2010
I have eaten these for a couple years now and found that if I add 1/4 teaspoon of baking power and a little lemon juice to activate it, they become fluffy and more like a regular pancake. I never noticed a 'diet food' taste with these even before adding the lemon juice and baking soda.
Breaking up the diet routine
by LHinton on 4/6/2009
I really enjoyed the blue berry pancakes. I would recommend while your pancake is cooking get your plate and your sugar free syrup out. Go ahead and measure out how much syrup you are going to use. Once the pancake is finished pour the syrup on the pancake and eat it. I read in earlier review that it gets cold fast so this is my way of eating it while hot. Eat it while standing at the stove if you have to, but it is really good. I have recommended it to all of my friends.
really good
by Amiee on 12/9/2013
these are not very fluffy but I find that these taste great I like the blueberry ones they - are easy to make and are a good satisfying breakfast - it is a little sweet so I don't put anything on it - just eat it plain
Good pancakes
by Robin on 5/23/2014
Yes very good! Warm your light syrup up and have it ready so when your pancake is done it won,t get cold. Also you can add a little cinnamon and a few fresh Blueberries. If it does get cold nucke it for just 10 seconds till warm. I love these.
Could not figure out how much 1.7 oz of water?
by Dawnybaby on 8/30/2012
After unsuccessfully trying to different measuring cups to find 1.7 oz of water, I combined a 1/4 cup of water with two packs of mix which made six pancakes so I have breakfast for two days. They did not taste bad, I used a little can't believe its not butter and lite syrup and they tasted pretty good. I like mine with a little more color to them so I cooked them longer than 2 minutes on each side, but I would order again.
better as a blintz
by Kim on 8/30/2012
If you add 1/3 cup water to the mix and stir up a crepe instead of a pancake, IT'S PERFECT! I fill the crepe with 1/2 cup cottage cheese and top with fresh fruit to make a blintz. Utterly delicious for breakfast or a high protein, low-cal dessert!
Makes GREAT Crepes
by Jerrilynn Willis on 8/30/2012
When it was warm, the pancake was good. It got cold fast, and the texture became a little rubbery. I made a couple of crepes out of the second packet, filled them with a mixture of fatfree cream cheese, ff cottage chese, lemon juice, and splenda, about 1 1/2 TBSP of the mixture per crepe. It was downright GOOD. Got 2 crepes out of 1 packet, thinned it with a little lemon juice & water. Will buy this again.
by Judy on 2/27/2012
I am on the MediFast Diet and supplement with Bariatric Choice products. It saves me money as well as offer more variety. While I prefer the MF pancakes, these work just fine.
Nice change for breakfast
by Mellowfuzz on 9/28/2009
I tried the blueberry pancakes. They were sweet and filling. I don't like the sugar-free syrups, so I topped it with warmed, unsweetened apple sauce. Very satisfying.
Liked it
by Anna on 1/16/2014
I thought it tasted pretty good with some syrup on it. It was a little tough but still ok. I'm going to put a little lite cream cheese on top tomorrow. I'm so tired of eggs and it was a nice change.
Not crazy about the texture ..
by omcv04 on 8/30/2012
These were a bit sweet for my taste and the texture is something you need to get used to. Not sure if I will order them again or not.
Pancakes Plain
by Malissa2200 on 3/27/2009
In this product I was hoping for something that didn't tast like it was diet. Welp, it taste like its diet food. They get cold way to fast. By the time I got my plate to the table it was cold. I can only get one pancake out of this mix. It's like eating a sponge... But... on the other hand I don't want to be so negitive. On the plus side I get to eat pancakes. I don't feel tired afterwards like I did when I ate normal pancakes. I'm diebetic and this works out fine for me, so I half to give up tast & texture the outcome is better for me if I eat this. So yes I would recommend this product because there are plus's to every minus. Try it you may like it. I use sugar free syrup and add about 1-2 tablespoons of sugarfree blackberry jam and add a few fresh blackberries and it's okay. I can live with it.
Not Recommended
by Jennifer Hankins on 8/30/2012
I tried the blueberry pancakes and they were awful. They were rubbery and had no flavor. I would not recommend this product to anyone.
Don't Do It!
by Cindie on 6/25/2010
I tried these because I wanted to have pancakes. These were so gross! Don't do it! Horrible tasting!
This product has no appeal
by LWoolard on 10/5/2009
They are dense and have a strong protein taste.
Sending it back
by SHERRY on 5/21/2018
I have bought a lot of different products and all in all they are pretty good. This, however, was disgusting. I had to spit it out and send it back. Sorry, but they tasted awful even with the delicious syrup that they sell.

Hello Sherry,
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you did not care for our Blueberry Pancakes, but you are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.