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OSTRIM Ostrich & Beef Meat Stick Snacks, Barbeque (10 ct)

10 Sticks/Box
OSTRIM Ostrich & Beef Meat Stick Snacks, Barbeque (10 ct)

Price: $19.99

Availability: In stock

OSTRIM Ostrich & Beef Meat Stick Snacks, Barbeque (10 ct)

Price: $19.99

In stock

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  • Low Fat - 96% Fat Free
  • High Protein - 14 grams
  • Low Carb - 2g Net Carbs*
  • Only 80 Calories a Serving
  • Low Sugar - 1.5 Grams
  • Good Source of Iron
  • Good Source of Potassium
  • Shelf-stable (require no refrigeration)
  • User-friendly packaging for convenience and portability
  • Taste great
  • Similar nutritional benefits as sports nutrition bars

*g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols

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Some people are surprised to learn that ostrich is a red meat and they are even more surprised to discover that it contains less fat per volume than skinless white meat chicken. To make these savory barbecue-flavored meat sticks, Ostrim combines ostrich meat with the leanest cuts of beef and a delicious selection of spices. The result is a tasty treat that delivers 14 grams of protein in every 80 calorie serving. Low fat, low carb and conveniently packaged as single-serving sticks.


Directions: Unwrap the stick and enjoy as a high protein snack alternative.


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23 Customer Reviews

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A good grab and go..
by Deborah on 4/12/2013
These sticks are great for when you are on the run and can't sit down for a meal. So far the Teriakyi is my favorite. My husband even likes these and I've just ordered the rest of them to try out.
OSTRIM Meat Stick Snacks
by Framkie on 9/13/2012
they were really good better than i expected and recommended to my friends
Great source of protein and great taste
by Michele816 on 8/30/2012
I ordered both the Teriyaki and regular flavors and loved both. They weren't greasy and had an easy chew-definitely a plus as I am a bariatric surgery patient. My husband and daughter both loved them as well.
Love it!
by Frank on 8/30/2012
Love this product. It is very portable, needing no refrigeration I put them in my brief case. They are a welcome change to simply a drink. They are so good that others in my family eat them and I even gave a box as a gift.

Tastes like the greasy junk-food without the fat
by Barb on 6/5/2012
These are tasty, filling, and full of protein. They taste like their fat-laden buddies, but are low in fat. I love these.
Good product!
by CJinMichigan on 4/25/2012
Good taste! A great high protein, low fat, low calorie food.
This is awesome!
by Cambria on 2/17/2012
I have already recommended it to my friends! These are amazing and yummy! I be buying more! I even eat them for breakfast!!!!
Tasty source of protein
by Rhonda on 8/2/2011
I purchased these meat sticks based on many positive reviews. I have to say that the other customers were absolutely correct about how good these meat sticks are. I purchased the pepper flavor and they are very tasty with just the right amount of spices. I am always concerned about too much garlic in products, but this does not have it. Another good thing is that the size of these sticks is quite large. I could only eat half of the stick and became very full. An entire box will last a very long time. I highly recommend these sticks.
A great snack
by TMB on 3/21/2011
This is a great product. It is tasty, satisfies one's hunger and has an excellent ratio of protein and calories. My preteen granddaughter has no weight problem, but loves them too. I have not tried the natural, but the other three flavors are super.
Great for college + home
by kleeb on 3/8/2011
I bought these for a great protein snack and my college daughter found them and now she takes a box back to the dorms with her! Great to keep in the backpack for a filling, satisfying snack.
by bevillbear04 on 4/28/2010
This is awesome beef jerky! Taste just like the fatting kind except good for you!!!! :) I so love it and plan on purchasing tons more!
Love Love Love
by Lid on 4/5/2010
This product was so good it took me back to my childhood of spending the day with my grandfather and have the small size cokes and slim jims and peanuts. The only exception they have is no grease Yahoo!!! I have wanted to try ostrich meat (hear it was good and low fat High protein)and this proved to be good. Tried the natural flavor will buy again and try other flavors.
Really Good!
by roseb on 9/22/2009
These are better than most meat sticks on the market, and definitely less greasy! I really like these!
by dal on 8/27/2009
i love this and so does my hubby.
Just as good as Slim Jims
by Crista on 9/23/2008
Very, very good! I tried the natural flavor on my first order and now I'm reordering plenty. I grew up scarfing down Slim Jims and Beef Jerky and this is just as good!

by Sheryn on 6/27/2008
Just tried the sticks. They are GR8! I needed something to carry in my purse or keep at work. All flavors are AWESOME. No greasy taste & easy to digest.

Really tasty
by Barbara on 4/18/2008
These sticks are really tasty. They taste like dry salami without the grease.

Holy Molly DELISH!
by Sleeved on 10/3/2013
So I was hesitate could this taste good and would my sleeve like it. The taste hands down taste delicious a lot like a Slim Jim. It sat heavy on stomach because I ate too much in one sitting but I’ve learned to portion the stick throughout the day and yummmmy great protein snack
Love Them!
by Pepper on 1/20/2014
This is the best protein snack I have had since my sleeve! Would recommend to anyone. I am 21 and as you can imagine a very picky eater and I give these a 5! That is defiantly saying something!
Taste Great
by Susan on 5/4/2014
These go together really well with shakes. I have the salty with the sweet taste. The best flavor I have found is the BBQ. A good way to have protein on the run.
Love these
by Sherri on 12/15/2014
These are delicious and such a good snack. If you are craving something salty, this is for you!
Good Snack
by Carol on 1/9/2014
The product tastes okay. A great source of protein that I can just stuff in my purse. They are easy to chew but the texture is different. My only concern was the amount of sodium.
by susan on 7/18/2016