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Fit & Fresh Portable Drink Mixer

Fit & Fresh Portable Drink Mixer

Price: $7.99

Availability: In stock

Fit & Fresh Portable Drink Mixer

Price: $7.99

In stock

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  • Instantly Blends All Powdered Drinks
  • Powerful Motor - Mix Anywhere
  • Mixing Wand - Removes For Easy Cleaning
  • Includes Carrying Case With Snap Closure
  • Includes Extra Mixing Wand

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With the Fit & Fresh Portable Drink Mixer you can instantly blend your favorite protein shakes and diet smoothies right in your glass. The Fit & Fresh Portable Drink Mixer has a powerful mixing wand that instantly blends up powdered drinks. Plus it’s so small you can fit it into your purse or pocket. Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included) so you can take it anywhere!


Requires 2 AA Batteries (not included).


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9 Customer Reviews

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Great little product
by Andy on 2/11/2011
It is nothing fancy but it is the best thing for all drink mixing. Shakers, forks or spoons cannot fully mix any powered or liquid to your drinks like this can. It gets all mixed well and if you a little handy with it, you can get the protein drink to be actually like a shake. One thing... don't just click the switch on, kind of feather the switch otherwise you might spin your liquid out of the glass.
by on 8/30/2012
Perfect to mix shake/drink on the go!
by NCGIRL on 8/30/2012
Perfect little device to mix my shakes at work or on the go. Just took it on week long vacation and I could not be more thrilled. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. My husband was planning to develop this product to assist me mixing on the go.. We were very disappointed to find that someone already invented this wonderful device (as we saw our millions of $$$ going down the drain).. However, this is a great product. Mixes well. Compact carrying case that fits in a purse. The price was great. Truly great product - just wish we had invented it first!
Great Product!
by Paul on 3/31/2012
I originally bought this thinking that I'd use it camping, or on my sailboat when going out for a week or so because I have only 12 Volt DC and no way to run a blender. Mainly I wanted a way to mix up spirulina powder in juice (seems well nigh impossible without a blender) and figured I'd take a chance with this thing. Right choice!

This little guy works so well I use it all the time, even at home! A teaspoon of spirulina and a packet of Chlorella-A in some juice, and in no more than a few seconds it's all incorporated into the juice. None even sticking to the sides of the glass. Best of all, there's no blender pitcher to have to worry about cleaning up. This is a great value for $10., and I've already recommended it to several people. Thanks BC!
Love this!
by Bettie on 8/11/2013
I tried the Fit & Fresh Portable Drink Mixer because, to be honest, I got tired of always having to use a shaker cup for all my drinks and I got tired of shaking. This mixer always mixes my drinks well. This was a good and practical purchase. When this one wears out, I plan on buying another!
by Mars on 1/18/2014
I love the fit and fresh portable drink mixer. I was using a shaker bottle or my single serve electric mixer. Never again. This product is so much easier to use. I use it for my protein drinks, shakes and even use it to mix my soups before I put them in the microwave. Best $7.99 I have ever spent!
Amazing, Wish I had one sooner!
by B on 3/28/2016
Just received mine today. Love it-- I have been trying to mix soups and other powders with spoons and forks-- this mixer is great. I am thrilled to have it. Can't wait to take it on the road with me!!
Must have product!
by Cynthia on 8/28/2017
Small enough to fit in my purse, this tiny mixer whips powder and water quickly into a smooth creamy drink. Also a bonus that 2 mixing paddles come in the box. Nice to know that I won't have to be on the go without this handy tool.
by Patricia A on 3/16/2015
I did find out the hard way that this works better with shake mixes. I tried to blend some pudding in a bowl and ended up wearing most of the mix. Should have worn my glasses for that, was picking dust out of my eyelashes all afternoon. But its all good.