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BariWise Protein Potato Chips Case, Ranch - 80 Bags

BariWise Protein Potato Chips Case, Ranch - 80 Bags
Item #: CASEBW239

$182.29 $164.06

Availability: In stock

BariWise Protein Potato Chips Case, Ranch - 80 Bags

$182.29 $164.06

In stock

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  • High Protein - 10 grams Per Single Serving Bag
  • Low Carb - 10g Net Carbs*
  • High Fiber - 5 Grams
  • Lower Fat - 4 grams Per Single Serving Bag
  • Gluten Free
  • Each Bag is a Generous Single Serving (No Portioning Needed!)
  • Only 130 Calories Per Single Serving Bag
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Aspartame Free
  • A High Protein Snack

*g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols

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BariWise Protein Potato Chips are the perfectly salted and seasoned, lower fat alternative to traditional high-fat chips. Each serving contains a unique blend of potato and soy, offering 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and a surprisingly low 4 grams of fat. When you crave something crunchy and salty, reach for BariWise Protein Potato Chips. Reap the rewards of a healthy, high protein snack.


Open package and enjoy this high protein snack!


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56 Customer Reviews

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love...love....love....these chips
by Nurse Nor on 8/4/2010
I have tried both the bbq and salt & vinegar chips...What a great surprise for the chip lover at heart. I highly recommend this product if you need to change in your diet. I'm in the process of ordering more;)
by Marc on 8/14/2010
Has a good crunch and good flavor, I like the barbeque the best, then ranch, and don't like sea salt (But I don't like sea salt potato chips either).

Highly recommended, barbeque is sweet and ranch is salty.
by MARGIE on 8/16/2010



Crispy, cruncy yumminess in a bag!
by SlimNVA2010 on 8/30/2012
These chips rock! I tried all 3 flavors. The Sea Salt & Vinegar is my favorite; the Barbecue was a bit too sweet. I'll order these again and again!
by Ang on 8/30/2012
These are better than you can imagine!

I bought the vinegar & sea salt and the ranch. The ranch are my favorite of the two.

I took a bag to work and everyone was eating them...they are full of flavor & crunch!

I went on line to order a dozen more of each the day after I got my first order..

Great Snack
by Empress on 1/15/2011
A great snack and 10 grms of protein.
Love these!
by Nina on 1/18/2011
What great taste!! I've eaten both flavors and really enjoyed them. The BBQ flavor has just the right combo of sweetness/smokiness. And the Ranch flavor has the perfect amount of saltiness (not overwhelmingly salty). Both are perfect at night when I want something crunchy and flavorful and still have to incorporate more protein grams to my daily intake. Best part is: no aftertaste! I'll definitely be ordering these again.
BariWise Protein Potato Chips
by Kelly on 1/21/2011
BariWise Protein Potato Chips are perfect taste and perfect size for a little snack. Very filling too! (Updated on 1/22/2011.)
by melissa on 2/19/2011
I tried a lot of protein chips and these were the only ones I liked. They were crunchy and yummy. You know what they reminded me of? Special K. I loved eating special k as a snack and these gave me that same texture. Salt and vinegar is my fav. Ranch is good too but I didn't like the BBQ flavor much. These hit the spot when I want something salty crunchy and dry (like carbs). I love that this site takes paypal too. That is awesome. I bought 12 chips last time and I just keep them in a box and put a bag in my purse for those days when I know I'm going to be out and about for a long time. Knowing I have my protein chips with me makes me feel like I'll be OK no matter where I am.
These are TERRIFIC!
by micha95506 on 2/21/2011
BBQ & ranch flavors are terrific, taste fresh, and supply crunch and salt cravings. The salt/vinegar is not nearly as good for a stand-alone snack, but I use it with tuna salad for crunch, not flavor. I recommend the bbq and ranch to all my friends who are watching their carbs, even if they aren't on bariatric diets.
by Steph on 2/22/2011
LOVED the BBQ chips! I love the preportioned packages, I am a recent postop for gastric bypass and this is usually great for 2 servings of a snack for me! Definitely buying these again!
by AnnMarie on 3/13/2011
Fantastic- wonderful- can't say enough good things about these chips. I have tried all the varieties but my favorite is the barbecue! Would strongly recommend.
Great Tasty Crunch
by HoustRN on 3/21/2011
Great flavor with these chips! Love knowing that I have found another item that tastes great and helps me get in all my protein for the day! All the flavors so far have been wonderful!
Great snack!
by Pearl on 8/30/2012
I thought that these were very good and a nice change from the pretzels, O snack bites, & the cheddar chips! I tend to get burnt out on the bariatric foods if I do not have enough variety. Also, it wonderful when you find a diet food that has flavor and doesn't taste like cardboard. I order from 3 different websites and yours was the only one to carry these potato chips! THANK YOU!
by teresa on 8/30/2012
I only like the bbq ones. I eat one bag about every day! Would eat them even if I had not had surgery. I hope they make more flavors..Like cheese!
by Angie on 4/10/2011
These are REALLY good... even folks that don't need to eat these, just love 'em!
These are great!!!!!
by NGiese on 8/30/2012
I thought these chips are really great. Love them so much.
These are delicious!
by TSullivan on 5/2/2011
I've only tried the BBQ so far, but really enjoyed them.
by on 8/30/2012
It was so nice to have a chip again, with lots of crunch and good flavor!
Tasty Snack
by Freda on 6/21/2011
These chips are quite the tasty little snack with just the protein you need! Looking at them I thought, not another rice cake, but they are actually very good. I will be purchasing them again.
Love these chips!
by Praiser on 7/3/2011
I love these chips. They are a great way to get protein. The barbecue are my favorite. The ranch are good, just not as good as the barbecue.
Love em!
by Cheryl on 8/30/2012
I really like these. All of the flavors are great! I have reordered them several times.
by CCod4600 on 8/30/2012
These chips have a great flavor and are very satisfying when you want that salty crunchy taste. They don't taste like real potato chips, but are still good.
Taste just like Lays BBq
by dawnybaby on 10/2/2011
Pretty good snack, will definitely order again, no protein after taste.
by lburnett on 10/22/2011
These chips are great! I ordered the barbeque and the salt and vinegar with the exception of the salt I like the barbeque the best! Post Op 1 yr now.
Great Crunch
by Jen on 11/6/2011
I've had all 3 flavors of these yummy and crunchy chips. I like the BBQ and Ranch the best. There is a good amount in each bag so it is not some chintzy little snack. I went back and ordered all 3 flavors when they went on sale. I definitely recommend giving these a try.
by William on 1/27/2012
I absolutely love having the option to have a crunchy snack at the end of the day. These chips taste good and are satisfying. Definite reorder. (Updated on 1/28/2012.)
by on 8/30/2012
I love the BBQ flavor of these! Filling, yummy and 10 grams of protein! LOVE THESE!!!
I LOVE these chips!
by Suzne on 8/30/2012
I am a little over 3 months out RNY and I was looking for a good protein snack. My doctor and nutritionist also wanted me to take in a few more carbs. I had read good things about these chips and decided to try them. I am HOOKED! I cannot eat more than 1/2 a bag at a time, so they are a good buy. The Pizza flavor is fabulous. I also liked the BBQ and Ranch. Not a Salt and Vinegar person, so I probably won't try that. The texture is not exactly like a potato chip, but they are nice and crunchy, only slightly salty, crisp and delicious! (Updated on 3/7/2012.)
by CJinMichigan on 3/8/2012
Great high protein low calorie snack. Love the crunch and flavor. A bit expensive but a nice treat. Wish they offered these in a case instead of just purchasing as single bags.
Love these chips!!
by SDavis on 3/20/2012
These Pizza chips are the best snack that I have! They taste amazing, are the perfect proportion and completely satisfy my need for something crunchy. I will continue to buy this product and would definitely recommend it!
Satisfies the need to crunch!
by llilacs on 5/10/2012
Very crunchy! Very flavorful! Nice sized serving! My fave is the BBQ - a little spicy, a little sweet. Perfect!
by M on 7/1/2012
Super flavor (pizza)! Crunchy and fresh.
Fantastic chips
by Kristin on 8/30/2012
I have had the pizza, ranch, and salt & vinegar chips. These are just fantastic! I like salty snacks, and since I cannot get enough protein after surgery during my three meals, I need an extra snack. These are delicious! The salt & vinegar aren't the same as Lay's Salt & Vinegar, but you shouldn't expect that when you can't have fried foods anymore! They are still very good. Honestly, I love these. They are all delicious!
BariWise Protein Potato Chips
by Tina on 11/14/2010
I have tried the bar b q and the ranch and really enjoyed them both.
so so
by layna on 3/24/2011
These weren't too bad. They did have a little bit of an after taste that was a kinda strange, but by no means terrible. Also tasted a little artificially sweetened.
BariWise Protein Potato Chips
by on 8/30/2012
Bought all three. Loved the barbecue flavored. Will buy it again and again.
Pretty good
by Patrish on 6/7/2011
Tried barbeque & salt & vinegar-barbeque is on the sweet side not zippy which is what I like- salt & vinegar does not have a kick which is what I prefer-good texture,crunchy,nice size serving-will buy occasionally but hope they kick up the flavor.
Nice crunchy snack
by Rhonda on 7/31/2011
These chips are a nice snack if you're craving something crunchy. I ordered the barbecue and ranch. I didn't care for the ranch because they had too much garlic for my taste. The barbecue was tasty, but slightly too sweet. Overall, the chips have a nice crunchy texture and I will order the bbq flavor again.
by Nikki on 1/1/2012
I really do like these chips. Great snack food...
BBQ-Good. Ranch-Ick.
by Lisa on 3/10/2012
I would recommend the BBQ flavor, they are good.
Overall took care of my snacking need
by Nilsa on 10/8/2012
I enjoyed the chips. I do wish they came in 7 packs.
by surgergirl on 8/30/2012
I love salt-n-vinegar chips normally. I like the tang and the saltiness.

These don't have much flavor at all. I'm not sure why -- they should be able to get vinegar flavor in without compromising protein or low-carb.

They don't taste bad, but they don't taste awesome either.
not bad
by Theresa on 8/30/2012
My favorite of these were the BBQ ones. They are crunchy and salty, but the texture was different. I know for me I would order them again, but it wouldn't be something I would snack on a regular basis. You would have to be in the "mood" for them.
Too salty
by pr on 4/16/2012
Taste good but too salty.
BariWise Protein Potato Chips
by on 8/30/2012
Has a sweet taste. When I eat chips I expect a salty flavor and the sweetness overwhelmed the salty taste for me. I have used many products from Bariatric Choice with great satisfaction but this one disappointed me.

Not for me
by nefertiti on 4/13/2011
Although nicely crunchy, they left an after-taste (bitter?) that I did not care for in all three flavors. Sorry.
by Carol on 10/3/2011
Good...not like regular chips but for 10 grams of protein it is good.
crunchy but coating thick
by Grisaille on 8/30/2012
I enjoyed the crunchiness but the chips had a thick coating of the flavor that was unpleasant. It came off on my tongue that did not appeal. I really prefer the Snack Bites.
So disappointing :-(
by MaggieM on 11/11/2010
After such good reviews, I ordered and tried a bag of salt & vinegar chips, but ended up throwing the bag, uneaten, away. I found there to be little-to-no flavor of the salt or vinegar and was left with a bad taste and coating on my tongue and in my mouth. These "chips" do, however, have a great crunch, but that's about it.
Chips are great
by barb on 5/15/2011
I have tried the Barbecue and Sour Cream and onion and have enjoyed them both.

My biggest disappointment was the 12 package sample box for the price it was really not worth the 12 individual samples and a lot of what was included I really did not like (like the hot chocolate, and cran-grape drink, pasta with the awful sauce, sloppy joe too)

In this regard you are better off purchasing the packages themselves in the flavors you would enjoy not surprise packages.
Nice Crunch
by Sheila on 8/23/2011
I purchased the Ranch and the Salt and Vinegar flavors of these chips. The Ranch was good, I ate the bag. I do not care for the Salt and Vinegar chips at all. Was not what I was expecting, they had way to much powdery stuff on them and the flavor was lost in the powdery stuff. They left a bad after taste in your mouth after you ate just one chip. I will not be ordering these again.
Bad Bad Bad
by lilium on 4/14/2012
These are the worst tasting chips, on all counts, on all flavors. Taste like seasoned cardboard. Barf.
by Sue on 5/13/2012
Couldn't finish them- gross.
Very Disappointing Taste
by ccangelwings on 8/5/2012
Bariwise Protein Potato Chips - Sea Salt & Vinegar Flavor - Found to be very distasteful. Tasted like cardboard with an attempt to flavor with sea salt and vinegar. Would not recommend to my friends.
Bad, Bad, Bad and Bad some more
by David on 10/3/2012
The salt and vinegar chips had a consistency of card board with a heavy, strange tasting salt and vinegar substitute that comes off the chip and coats your tongue. Very unpleasant