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Proteinex-18 Liquid Protein, Grape - 1 fl oz

Item #: PROTEINEX1801
Proteinex-18 Liquid Protein, Grape - 1 fl oz

Price: $1.99

Availability: In stock

Proteinex-18 Liquid Protein, Grape - 1 fl oz

Price: $1.99

In stock

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  • Provides the highest concentration of protein (18 grams) in a small 1 oz. dose (2 tablespoons).
  • May be used by individuals with food and liquid intake restrictions.
  • Easily absorbed.
  • Ready to use; no mixing required.
  • Protein source: hydrolyzed protein.
  • Low Carb - 0g Net Carbs*
  • Promotes healing of wounds or repair of tissues.
  • Helps to prevent tissue breakdown.
  • Does not contain fat, sugar, phosphorus or carbohydrates.
  • Great taste
  • Long shelf life.

*g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols

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Proteinex-18 Liquid is a predigested high-protein (18 grams per oz.) source, which means that the product is broken down to readily available amino acid portions. Proteinex-18 provides 18 grams of highly absorbable protein per ounce. Best of all, it is ready to use, no mixing is required. If you choose you can also blend a 1oz dose with your favorite beverage or with foods such as apple sauce or Jell-O.


Take two tablespoons (1oz) daily or as recommend by your physician.


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7 Customer Reviews

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Really good!
by Melissa on 3/24/2013
I mixed it with sugar free jello. Great way to get that extra bit of protein.
Handy Supplement
by Momentsintime on 12/11/2011
I add one bottle to a quart or half-gallon of sugar-free drink for added protein for the day. It' too sweet to use as is, but this works!
Proteinex 18--Great!!
by Angela W on 8/27/2010
This is a wonderful supplement! It not only tastes pretty good, but it is very handy to throw one in my purse for the times I cannot grab something to eat. I had my gastric bypass a little over a year ago, so protein is a MUST. These are so convenient, and the price is Great! Try these if you want a protein fix that tastes good and is small and portable.
by David on 5/2/2013
The product has a very bad aftertaste. The lemon-lime tasted only slightly like lemons.
Proteinex-18 Liquid Predigested Protein
by ren on 8/30/2012
The product leaves a very strong bitter aftertaste in your mouth. Not at all good.
by lburnett on 10/22/2011
This stuff is awful! The most gross tasting aftertaste, I had the grape.
Not the best
by Joyce on 8/1/2014
I won't order this again. There are better alternatives for protein water available.