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Bariatric Fusion MultiVitamin Soft Chews, Tropical (90 ct)

Bariatric Fusion MultiVitamin Soft Chews, Tropical (90 ct)

Price: $22.99

Availability: In stock

Bariatric Fusion MultiVitamin Soft Chews, Tropical (90 ct)

Price: $22.99

In stock

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  • Scientifically designed blend of 19 bioavailable vitamins and minerals
  • Contains 280mcg of Vitamin B12 (4667% DV)
  • 50% or more DV of other B-Complex Vitamins
  • Easy to digest soft chews
  • Great tropical taste
  • Individually wrapped for your convenience



Meeting your vitamin and mineral requirements can often be a difficult task after weight loss surgery. Bariatric Fusion takes the drudgery away with these pleasant tasting tropical soft chews. Each three-piece serving provides a variety of vitamins and minerals that are essential for maintaining health after your surgery. You’ll enjoy the convenience of these individually wrapped soft chews and appreciate that the sweet tropical taste comes to you at the cost of 40 calories per serving.

Sugar Free and nutrient rich, Bariatric Fusion Tropical Multivitamin Soft Chews are a great addition to your healthy lifestyle after any form of weight loss surgery.


For Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy:

>take 3 chews in the morning and 3 chews in the evening or as directed.

For Adjustable Gastric Band:

take 3 chews daily or as directed.


20 Customer Reviews

by DAMIAN on 5/10/2018
Soft chew tropical multivitamin
by Kandy on 5/12/2016
First of all I really enjoy chewy vitamins but I love the tropical flavor of these chews. I count on this product to fulfill my vitamin needs and apparently they do as I pass my annual physical with flying colors. I recommend them to all bariatric patients.
Great great great
by SuperWhy on 3/11/2016
These vitamins are fantastic, great, super..... I seriously love them. Fast shipping and superb customer service is a bonus.
Great vitamins at Bariatric Fusion
by BigDude on 11/27/2015
I love the taste of these vitamins. I take the tropical in the morning and the mixed berry in the afternoon. I gave my son a taste and he thought it was candy. Can't imagine anyone would give these a bad review but I guess everyone id different. I'm sold on these and will continue
by Susan on 8/7/2015
These taste just like candy. I am hooked!
Bariatric Fusion MultiVitamin Soft Chews, Tropical
by Stephanie on 7/30/2015
Love them.
Great Chew!
by BruceJ on 7/21/2015
I could eat these all day. Great product and has tons of vitamins and minerals. I brought some to my support group and everyone agreed, the Fusion chews are a winner!
Great Chew Great Vitamin
by Melinda on 1/20/2015
I love the new topical chews. A good addition to the chewable tablets and since I have to take these 'forever' the options help. My labs have been perfect since I started with the Bariatric Fusion vitamins and I couldn't be happier.
This is too good to be a vitamin!
by Jacob on 10/22/2014
I must say that I was astonished that this product tastes so good. I actually look forward to taking my vitamins!!!
Tropical Delight!
by Finley on 10/20/2014
Great tasting product. I love the fusion vites because nothing else is needed. Makes my life very easy.
Love the new soft chews!
by Dan on 8/19/2014
The tropical soft chews taste great! This is the only chew that I could find that is a multi-vitamin and contains calcium. Two birds with one stone! Highly recommend!
sweet and sour nutrients are a winner.
by Barbara on 6/29/2014
These soft chews are a great substitute for dessert after breakfast and dinner. The Tropical flavor is spectacularly sweet and sour and loaded with essential nutrients.
good flavor
by Marilyn on 3/30/2017
I like the taste alright.

I did not like having to pay $7.95 shipping, which is approximately half of what the product costs.
I did not like the product to be a week in arriving.

Because of this, I most likely will not re-order.

Hello Marilyn, thank you for contacting us. We apologize for any frustration regarding our shipping services. We do offer free shipping on orders of $69.00 or more but understand that may not convenient if you are only purchasing one product. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you, and we appreciate your business.
Looking forward to...
by DD on 1/1/2015
I was thinking these were all different tastes, of tropical flavors. No, they are all the same taste of a combination if tropical flavors. I was a little let down by that. Maybe I just didn't read the small print. I enjoy them, but would love each one to be a different flavor. Thanks..
These tasted pretty bad!
by Angela on 2/25/2016
I bought these because I was looking for anew multivitamin. My other one was making me ill. These I am handling much better but I prefer the chews over the chewables. I wish they had other flavors for the multivitamin. The tropical isn't good! Has a bad after taste! Fusion's cherry flavor iron chew has a great taste! I wish they had cherry for the multivitamin!i wouldn't buy this flavor!
by Christine on 2/26/2015
While the vitamins contained are so necessary to our post surgery health, I wish I could find a product that tasted better. These have a very vitamin taste and since the dose is 3 chews twice a day I have a difficult time getting them down.
by Patricia on 2/21/2015
First of all, let me say how much I detest chewable vitamins and that I have a great deal of difficulty swallowing large pills. For this reason I insist upon using the soft chew vitamins. The only 2 I have found are the Celebrate soft chews and these Fusion soft chews. I have been using the Celebrate orange soft chews for almost a year now and really wanted a change so I decided to take a chance on the Fusion Tropical chews. I really truly like the tropical flavor. However . . . there is a strong vitamin after taste and the consistency makes it obviously clear that you are chewing a medicinal vitamin. I will tolerate these until they are gone but will more than likely not repeat the purchase. They are still better than chewing a chalky chewable or swallowing a pill, but not much.
Non so pleased
by KW on 10/15/2016
The taste is awful
No...just no.
by Pamela on 6/13/2015
I will finish this bag but will not be reordering. It is what others have posted...a true medicine-y taste follows and it is NOT pleasant. The chews are soft but take a TON of chewing to get through I found. Honestly, like 20 minutes of chewing to get it small enough to where I felt it safe to swallow until I started chopping them up into smaller bits. Not a fan. Think I'll go back to Advantage's gummy multivits instead from the health food store. They went down much easier and didn't have a weird flavor lingering.

Hello Pamela,
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you did not care for the Bariatric Fusion Multi Vitamin Soft Chews, but you are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
yucky taste
by Anna on 1/18/2015
I did not like the taste of these. Yuck!