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BariWise Protein Diet Fruit Drink, Strawberry Kiwi (7 ct)

BariWise Protein Diet Fruit Drink, Strawberry Kiwi (7 ct)
Item #: BW202

Price: $15.95

Availability: In stock

BariWise Protein Diet Fruit Drink, Strawberry Kiwi (7 ct)

Price: $15.95

In stock

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  • High Protein - 15 grams Per Serving
  • Low Calorie - 60 Calories Per Serving
  • Low Carb - 1g Net Carbs*
  • Fat Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Aspartame Free
  • Good Source of Calcium - 10% of the Daily Value
  • Easily Mixes with Water

*g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols



Pour the contents of these single-serving packets into a glass, add cold water and stir to create a tasty low-carb drink that delivers the thirst quenching combination of kiwi and strawberry flavors while providing 15 grams of protein in every 70 calorie serving. Add ice for an even crisper taste.



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47 Customer Reviews

Set Ascending Direction
Love the Orangeade!
by Elana on 8/7/2008
Love love love the Orangeade. I probably mix it with more water than it calls for, but it hits the spot and is filling too. I also mix it in a small glass with the fruit flavored protein and it makes it easier to get down. Highly recommend!

by Frank on 2/28/2008
I prefer the Grapefruit and Lemonade drinks, some of the other flavors do not seem as natural to me.

Very good drinks
by Marcia Shires on 2/23/2008
These drinks are very good. I mix them with a serving of compatible flavored Crystal Light and 16oz water for protein and hydration.

like the lemonade the best
by Kim on 4/12/2008
I bought the variety pack. I liked the lemonade the best. The peach mango was pretty good, tasted mostly like peach. The pineapple orange,not bad. Wild Berry kind of sweet. Looking forward to trying the other flavors. I think that they are filling.
BariWise Fruit Drinks
by Liz on 5/23/2009
The Wild Berry is my favorite. I like to mix it in a water bottle, then put it in the freezer until it reaches a slushy consistency. It makes having something healthy a real treat!
So Goooood!
by Desi on 1/3/2013
This is so delicious, I almost forgot I was drinking something good for me and with protein! This tastes so much like Hawaiian Fruit Punch! I will definitely order again and again :)
SOOO very yummy
by Deb Carter on 4/25/2010
It's hard to believe that there is a protein drink out there that's yummy but it does exist. Every flavor is amazing. i couldn't taste or smell the protein at all. I love this stuff. This makes getting my daily protein in so much easier. No more offensive texture or smell. Absolutely amazing.
This Stuff Is Amazing
by QueenTammy on 9/28/2010
This Stuff is Amazing, You would never know it is a protein drink. I got my box in today and have been having trouble getting enough protein so I decided to try one immediately. OMG just plain wonderful! My 14 year old son asked me what I was drinking that smelled so good and I gave him a taste, He loved it. He is in training for the football team and can always use the extra protein. I bought the wild berry but can't wait to try some others. If you have had surgery or are just looking to add some extra protein, do yourself a favor and gets lots of these.
by [email protected] on 1/25/2011
The pineapple is fantastic! No "diet" taste at all!
Won't let my cupboard go empty of WILD BERRY!
by kleeb on 3/8/2011
I drink these 5X week, especially when I play tennis, a canteen with my Wild Berry is always in my bag! This is delicious, I think I add more water than it calls for though. Just a perfect low calorie, high protein, satisfying drink.
These drinks are great!
by Beth on 4/13/2011
I love the pineapple/orange drink. It is like an tangy orange drink. Great for drinking anytime.
Great taste!
by sweets on 4/30/2011
I received a sample packet of the pineapple orange with an of other protein supplement. I immediately tried it and later that same day ordered 5 boxes of other flavors and 2 boxes of the pineapple orange flavor. I find that Bariwise Fruit Drinks are tasty and a great, refreshing way to up my daily protein intake.
Love these!
by tiff on 5/12/2011
I couldn't stand the protein shakes recommended for my pre-op diet - they literally made me gag. I ordered these as an alternative, and they've been my saving grace. I blend with water and ice, and enjoy. I'm so glad to have them!
by Jennyfur on 5/14/2011
So far, I've tried the Grape, Pineapple-Orange and Lemon Razzy. The grape is great, tastes a lot like a grape Popsicle. The Pineapple Orange was a little bland, but I think I mixed it with too much water. However, the Lemon Razzy is Amazing!!! I mixed it with a can of Minute Maid Lite Lemonade and it made it even better!! Very sweet and tangy!! I will definitely be purchasing more of the Lem-Raz!!!
Mango Peach is by far the best.
by Jenny on 5/25/2011
I got the variety pack and love the peach. These juices are so good and help curb my unending hunger!
Awesome protein source
by sunshine on 1/3/2013
I am trying to incorporate more protein in my diet, WHILE I diet. I am a vegetarian and need more protein in my diet. These drinks are great! Mix it up in a water bottle, set it in the freezer then shake it some more! Makes a great snack or meal replacement. By putting it in freezer I feel like it could be a desert, use this for a sweet craving fix. Good in protein, low calorie, and no fat. If you're doing weight watchers program low points and the protein is great for dieting. I have turned two friends on to these drinks and they are thrilled.

Excellent taste
by imouse on 6/26/2011
I'm always skeptical of powdered drinks. So many of them don't mix well and you find clumps of unmixed powder at the bottom of your glass. This drink tastes just like punch. I added more water because I like it watered down a bit. I'm buying more! P.S. the shaker cup with the wire ball also helped mix it.
YEEEEEEEEES!!!!! Finally, a protein I love!
by CrymsonLyric on 6/29/2011
THE BEST PROTEIN DRINK MIX EVER! There's just no ther way to say it! After surgery, my taste buds changed; my favorite chocolate protein went striaght into the trash. I went on Bariatricchoice.com hoping and praying to find a protein drink/mix that would help me reach my daily intake goals and BariWise made it too easy! I purchased the Wildberry, LemonRazzy, CranGrape, and Pineapple flavors. The Wildberry has just the right amout of sweetness and tastes like fruit punch and the LemonRazzy and CranGrape have a tangy zesty zing to them, which I love! I ordered the Pineapple flavor just for the heck of it (not really my cup of tea), but if you're big on pina colada type drinks, then you'll LOVE IT! What's great about this brand is there's no big chalky protein after-taste. To me, the BariWise brand tastes better than the WonderSlim (if you're in the market to compare). Buy and try... you won't regret it :)
by on 1/3/2013
Nice refreshing drink!!!
So easy and Great tasting!
by cvmercer on 1/3/2013
These protein drinks are so easy to mix and taste great as well. My favorite is the lemonade. I mix it with about 10 oz of water (more than suggested on the box) and to me it tastes better. Mixes well when shaken.
You can't get any better than WILD BERRY!!
by Michele on 1/3/2013
Being a month post VSG...trying to get in all your protein is HARD! This drink...the WILD BERRY is a life saver! It doesn't have the typical "protein" smell or aftertaste. I tried the Orange Pineapple, didn't care for it. Grape...nope! Raspberry Lemonade was okaaay, but not crazy about it. I will ONLY order the Wild Berry from now on, but BELIEVE me!!... That flavor ROCKS!!
by KD on 1/3/2013
It has a slight protein taste, but it's the best protein mix drink I've ever had.
Wild Berry!
by Pizzo on 1/2/2012
The mention of Hawaiian Punch prompted me to try the Wild Berry flavor. I'm so glad I did! I ended up using a shaker bottle to mix a packet of Wild Berry with a 10oz, 100 calorie bottle of Hawaiian Punch. YUM! The protein taste/smell was barely noticeable. I wish this flavor came in a jug like the pink lemonade does!
Bariwise fruit drink cran-grape
by on 1/3/2013
Taste as good as the real juice, so glad, because I am a really picky eater and drinker.
Love these drinks
by SHolder on 1/3/2013
I love these drinks!!! I order multiple boxes weekly! I am addicted to the pineapple, also like the grape. With the grape I have to add additional grape flavoring to offset the protein smell, but I have a grape once a day and pineapple 2 or more times a day. Great product.
Very Refreshing
by Susan on 1/3/2013
These drinks are a nice change from the thick creamy protein shakes that we are required to drink. I enjoy the fruity taste and I get extra protein as well. It is a nice way to get your water allowance in. The orange is not as full-flavored as the others so I don't know if I would reorder that particular flavor. I am thinking of making ice pops out of them for the summer months. I think these drinks are definitely a winner!
This product is wonderful
by Tinkerbabe13 on 5/5/2012
So I was playing around in the kitchen to see what I could do with Greek yogurt so I add this product. I love it it tastes really wonderful
Best protein drink yet!
by memere4 on 1/3/2013
Had Bariatric surgery 2 years ago, so I have tried many protein products along the way. This is the best dissolving protein powder yet!! And the taste is great. I have tried 6 flavors and they are all great.
Bari-Wise fruit drinks are a great change!
by Jerrilynn on 6/28/2012
I bought the assortment and like every single one of them! I will definitely be buying several of these flavors again in the future. They don't have that "baby formula" aftertaste that some protein drinks have. These are sweet and fruity but not OVERLY sweet. YUMMO!
The best.....
by on 1/3/2013
I loved the peach mango drink best, but the berry was good too. Both really a good substitute for eating a big meal to get the protein that I need.
This is the BEST protein drink Bariatric Choice sells
by LBoogie on 1/3/2013
This is THE ABSOLUTE BEST protein drink supplement. Don't hesitate to get this product; you will not be disappointed.
I love this product also
by Donna Kaye on 1/3/2013
Too expensive to drink everyday I can't afford but I appreciate bariwise because you are one of few companies that understand our needs.
Have to have one every morning
by Barb on 1/3/2013
These are sooooo good. I add a matching mix in to make them go further since they are somewhat expensive. These are good enough to be a meal with lots and lots of ice. I had RNY 2 yrs ago and got tired of the "shakes". I highly recommend these. No protein taste.
Wild berry and peach mango drinks
by glo on 1/3/2013
Love love the wild berry drink! Peach mango is also one of my favorites. I could drink this everyday!
Try Mixing!
by Vivilou on 1/3/2013
I have a big 34 oz thermos cup that I like to add 2 packets of protein drink to and sip all day, helping with my fluid intake as well as getting some extra protein in. I accidentally mixed the Peach Mango with the Pineapple Orange drink one day and have found my new favorite drink, sweet and tangy, like a citrus punch! They are also good on their own, but really love this flavor combo! (Updated on 8/17/2012.)
by Diana on 5/7/2015
Very tasty!
by David on 8/18/2017
This is my favorite flavor so far. I've also tried "very berry" and "peach mango."
by TMB on 1/3/2013
Enjoyed the lemonade and the wild berry best. The others I was not excited about, but that depends on individual taste. I would recommend trying it.
Refreshing & Light Drink
by Sheryn on 1/5/2010
If you're looking for a refreshing-light tasting drink, this is it! I was surprised how much I love the flavors. I mix a Dymatize Elite liquid protein (tropical splash or fruit punch) with the lemon razzy or pineapple-orange flavors and get a total of 60 grams of protein. If you add crushed ice, you feel like you're getting a slushy from Sonic Drive In, without all the carbs, sugars & fat + it tastes wonderful! I'm 19 months post lap band & have lost 170 lbs., partly due to having this drink 1st thing every morning. I add the flavored packet, Dymatize Elite liquid protein and cold water (about 10-12 oz.), mix on stir cycle of blender & WHALAH - great tasting drink!
Pretty Good - Orange Pineapple
by Bec on 7/26/2010
My husband didn't care for the flavors when we got the variety pack. Instead of getting a packet of each flavor, we got several packets of 3 flavors. I took a chance and ordered a whole box of orange pineapple flavor - unfortunately not one of the flavors included in the variety box and the one I thought he would most like. He was pleasantly surprised. He said it tastes similar to the new reduced sugar orange juice blends. I will definitely be reordering this flavor!
by Theresa on 1/3/2013
If you are looking for a new way to get your protein down, this would be a refreshing change. I normally get most of my protein through the standard shake flavors. My favorite is the Peach Mango flavor. Sometimes, the protein stuff smells so bad it makes you not want to try it. These fruit flavored drinks smell great, and for me that is half the battle in getting something down.
Very nice change
by Bj on 1/3/2013
I am very easily grossed out so I was extremely pleased with these drinks. They mix easily and are light and not too filling. All the flavors are fine. I will buy these again.
Peach Mango
by kutia on 1/3/2013
I ordered the Peach Mango flavor and I enjoyed the taste. It mixed much easier than some other types I've tried.
by Mary on 3/6/2014
I do like these Bari Wise protein drinks but I preferred the Proti Gel flavoring for drinks....it mixed up clear and there was no after taste whatsoever. These Bari Wise leave an aftertaste.However not enough to discourage me. They are pricey and I cannot drink one every day. Also I live in Canada so I have to pay duty too!
not bad
by Amelia on 7/26/2013
Don't like the aftertaste of the strawberry kiwi but will try some others...
Not impressed
by Jasonna on 10/2/2011
The variety package was a good way to taste all the flavors. I think lemonade and wild berry were the best. It took me a while to drink the others and the peach mango had a very unique taste. Its a good way to get in 15 grams of protein if you can handle the taste of the products.
by jmitchell on 10/13/2011
Raspberry lemonade was good.