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Launched in 2005, is focused on serving individuals who have experienced, or who are about to experience, weight loss surgery. To that end, we offer a wide variety of top-quality nutritional diet products and dietary supplements developed for people on supervised Bariatric diet programs and for all pre- and post-surgical phases of your journey.

Highest Quality Products

When you shop with us you can be sure you are getting the most scientifically advanced, highest quality bariatric nutrition and vitamin supplements available anywhere in the world.

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As proud as we are of our products, we never forget that the original and continuing focus of Bariatric Choice is people. Our staff includes a wide variety of personalities from different backgrounds but each one of us abides by a set of guiding principles that include integrity, customer focus, knowledge, humility and respect.

Our customer loyalty team has the experience and the knowledge to help guide you towards the products you may need for your pre and post surgery nutrition or long term weight loss goals.

Customer Focused

We understand that the decision to have weight loss surgery is a lifelong journey and requires much patience and perseverance yet, despite the obstacles, can be richly rewarding. Whether you’ve just begun considering a procedure or are a seasoned post-surgery veteran, you can count on us to be here with not only the products and services you need but also with an appreciation of your experience.

One of our customers once described her life after weight loss surgery as “a long road filled with unexpected turns, twists and potholes but with a rainbow always in sight.” Although we can’t walk in your shoes, we’re honored to help you on your quest.

Ask Questions, We Are Here To Help You

When you call us you get to speak to a real, live, interested and interesting human being who is located right here in Wilmington, NC. We've won a reputation for superior customer service just by treating people the same way we'd like to be treated. We firmly believe you deserve outstanding service each and every time you call.

Our knowledgeable, efficient and friendly crew is available at 1-800-993-1143 Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm Eastern Time to answer all your questions.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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