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Syntrax Nectar Protein, Chocolate Truffle - 2 lbs

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In stock

Price: $36.99

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  • Mixes instantly
  • Zero Carbs, Zero Fat
  • Great Tasting Protein (23 grams per full scoop)
  • Promina Whey Isolate Protein

Selected Flavor: Chocolate Truffle

Syntrax Nectar Protein - Chocolate

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Product Description

Syntrax Nectar Protein - Chocolate Truffle
2.0 lb Container

Syntrax Nectar Protein is a favorite of bariatric surgery patients, as well as anyone who wants a great tasting, high quality protein powder. Syntrax Nectar Protein combines Promina, the highest quality whey protein isolate ever developed, with a flavoring system that is absolutely fruitilicious! If you like the refreshing taste of fruit juice, you'll love Syntrax Nectar Protein! This protein powder has zero carbs and zero fat. With its mouthwatering flavors, Syntrax Nectar is truly a protein drink you will look forward to drinking each and every day.

Syntrax Nectar Protein - Chocolate Truffle Features:

  • Mixes instantly
  • Zero Carbs, Zero Fat
  • Great Tasting Protein (23 grams per full scoop)
  • Delicious, Gourmet, Sweet Flavor
  • Promina Whey Isolate Protein

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Based on taste preference, mix one scoop of powder per 8 ounces of water or skim milk.

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Great taste!
by Kristy on 11/6/14

I heard that Nectar Protein Powder was good enough to eat right out of the tub. I tasted a tiny amount, and it is true! This is my first time getting protein powders. I am so happy that I got the Nectar brand. The shake was delicious. I actually looked forward to the next time I was due to drink a shake again! I will definitely choose the Nectar products again and recommend them to friends.

Chocolate Truffle Nectar
by Wendy on 9/12/14

This flavor is very tasty. I use a heaping scoop and one Splenda to 8 ounces of water. This flavor mixes pretty well by stirring but is smoother with a small hand mixer. I enjoy it very much. I also purchased the Fuzzy Naval but it's harder to mix. I like them both but the Chocolate Truffle is my favorite.

Didn't like chocolate protein powders -- until now!
by Catherine on 7/26/14

This is a wonderful protein powder! I have tried several chocolate flavored protein powders and have not liked any of them -- until now. This has been described as tasting like a glass of chocolate milk and I agree with that highly accurate description. It's yummy. It mixes like a dream -- I've never had a protein powder mix up so easily into water. No need to shake like crazy or use a blender -- a spoon seems to do the trick just fine and without any foaming (I did get some foam when I used a shaker cup for my first serving). This is especially yummy after sitting in the fridge for a little bit to get extra cold and chocolate milk-like. I'm very impressed with Syntrax Nectar in general, but am absolutely delighted with the Chocolate Truffle flavor. So glad I decided to take one last shot at liking a chocolate protein powder!

Very very good
by Vicky on 7/25/14

This tastes great and mixes very easily. It's my favorite.

Simply the Best !!
by Dianna on 9/24/13

Chocolate Truffle is delicious. I mix it in the blender with milk, PB2, and lots of ice. Makes a terrific start to my morning!

Nectar Chocolate Truffle
by sheryl on 8/15/13

This Nectar Protein Tastes So Good. Love it!!!! I love the Chocolate Truffle. Mixes super very light not thick,.

Yummy Protein
by Dianna on 7/26/13

I am seven months out of RNY surgery and have lost 63lbs! Syntax Nectar Protrin has proven to be a useful tool - helping to insure I get my much needed, healing protein in each day. Chocolate Truffle is my favorite especially mixed with 2Tbsp of PB2 for that chocolate/peanut butter taste. It's my breakfast every morning....starting my day off right. Other favorites are Cappacino and Vanilla Bean. Many of the juices mixes are good too. Just mix with water and pour over ice for a refreshing summer afternoon drink. My favorite is Fuzzy Navel Peach!

by Patricia on 3/20/13

I am 8 weeks out from rny surgery. I have finally found the perfect protein powder. Great taste and does not have the whey protein flavor. I have it 1st in the AM. I'm anxious to try other flavors.

very good
by gwendolyn diane on 3/3/13

I love this protein drink. It is all I use.

Chocolate Truffle
by DEBRA on 1/17/13

Chocolate Truffle is just yummy. I buy the sugar free syrups they use for expresso drinks and put a shot in the protein drink. I use almond, vanilla or coconut. I had a gastric bypass and have to drink the protein 5 times a day and now it has been 8 months I found i needed variety. You can also add the protein to smoothies with yogurt.

Reviews 1-10 of 74

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