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ProtiDiet High Protein Soup Mix, Tomato Basil (7 ct)

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Item#: PD310 - In stock

  • 15 Grams of Protein per Serving
  • 70 Calories

Selected Flavor: Tomato Basil

ProtiDiet Protein Diet Soups - Tomato Basil

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Product Description

ProtiDiet Protein Diet Soup - Tomato Basil
7 Servings Per Box

This easy to prepare tomato basil soup makes a quick and healthy lunch choice or a nice addition to a nutritionally balanced dinner. Whenever you enjoy this high protein comfort food, you'll appreciate the benefits of 15% DV of Calcium, 10% DV of Vitamin A, 8% DV of Vitamin C and 6% DV of Iron in every 70 calorie serving.

Key Features of ProtiDiet Tomato Basil Protein Diet Soup:

  • High Protein - 15 grams per serving
  • Low Fat - half a gram per serving
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Provides 15% DV of Calcium
  • Just 70 Calories per Serving
  • Easy to prepare

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Pour contents of one pouch in 6 to 8 oz of hot water. Stir with fork until completely dissolved.

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Tomato is savory- nice change from all of the sweet stuff
by Candace on 11/5/2014

When I first mixed the tomato basil powder in hot water it was very pink and I was worried. As I mixed it trying to get the powder mixed, it kept becoming a darker pink and never turned red. The powder was a little bit difficult to mix entirely and took some work to get all of the powder clumps out. After mixing it for a while I finally got all of the clumps out. I sat down with my mug of pink soup and I wasn't really looking forward to it even though it smelled good. I took a sip and was blown away! The soup is very savory, soothing, and a great meal. Don't let the pink color fool you, give it a taste and you will forget about the color. Pair it with a half piece of toast or a few wheat thin crackers and you have a wonderful meal on a cold day.

by Jill on 5/23/2013

Horrible does not adequately describe this soup. It is unedible! The texture is gritty and the smell is like tomatoes and sour milk. The pea soup is edible though just barely. I am two years out from a gastric bypass and STILL have problems keeping food down at times so I pretty much live on these protein diet foods. I've tried other brands of the soups and they are mostly all gross but this one is just nasty!

Tomato Basil
by Dawnybaby on 4/4/2013

Although it has a weird pink color, the tomato basil is pretty good, when I am home I will add my own basil seasoning and garlic and it makes it tastier.

Great Taste!
by Tammy on 12/28/2012

I love this soup!!! I am still unable to eat the noodles, I give them to my dog (LOL)! But, the taste is fantastic! And ... high in protein too. WIN, WIN!!!

Tomato Basil is delicious
by Pamela on 11/6/2012

The Tomato Basil is a very good soup. Dissolves nicely to a creamy texture and the taste has you looking forward to more.

Reviews 1-5 of 39

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