Celebrate Vitamins Multi-AGB Chewable, Blackberry (60 ct)

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Celebrate's AGB multivitamin is a complete formulation and provides the proper supplement levels to enhance health and to help facilitate weight loss.

  • Great tasting blackberry flavored chewable!
  • Contains Vitamin A and D
  • Contains Chelated Minerals
  • Contains Water Miscible ADEK
Celebrate Vitamins Multi-AGB Chewable - Blackberry

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Product Description

Celebrate Multi-AGB, Blackberry
60 Chewable Tablets Per Bottle (30 Day Supply)

Adjustable Gastric Band

Weight loss surgery patients undergoing a band related procedure will not be able to obtain the proper level of vitamins and minerals necessary through just diet alone. It is critical that they have a complete supplement that provides them the proper levels of vitamins and minerals. This great tasting chewable is the perfect multivitamin to maintain a healthy body after surgery. Celebrate's AGB multivitamin is a complete formulation and provides the proper supplement levels to enhance health and to help facilitate weight loss.

Key features of the Celebrate Multi-AGB:

  • Taste– A daily chewable multivitamin needs to taste great and not make you feel as if you are chewing on chalk. Our AGB is great tasting and delivers the proper level of supplementation to ensure your health even with your reduced caloric intake.
  • Vitamin A - Blending pre-formed (retinyl palmitate) and beta-carotene, provides the safest and most effective approach available for this key vitamin. This blend allows your body to regulate its intake of vitamin A, absorbing only what it needs to function properly.
  • Vitamin D - One of the most common deficiencies among surgical weight loss patients is that of vitamin D. By providing 800 IU (200% RDI) in Celebrate's daily dosage, Celebrate's Multi-AGB reduces the likelihood of deficiency in this critical vitamin.
  • Chelated Minerals - Chelating mineral forms to amino acid, increases the likelihood that these minerals will be absorbed.
  • Water Miscible ADEK - Utilize dry, water miscible forms of vitamins A, D, E, and K to further enhance absorption.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


Chew 2 tablets daily, one in the morning, one in the evening or as directed by your bariatric surgeon or dietitian, as a dietary supplement.

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Good Vitamins
by jec on 3/5/2011

These are ok tasting, easy to chew and get down quickly. I don't like the taste all that much, reminds me of a not so great tasting kids chewable, but I don't like them either. I chew quickly with water and swallow. I would recommend these, they are a great supplement and do what they are supposed to.

Reviews 1-1 of 1

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