Bariatric Advantage Calcium Chewy Bites - 12 Bag Value Bundle

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In stock

Price: $145.40

List: $155.40    Save: $10.00 (6%)
  • Delivers 250 mg of calcium citrate in a delicious chew
  • Contain 125 IU of vitamin D3 for healthy absorption
  • Sugar-Free!

Bariatric Advantage Calcium Chewy Bites are now cheaper by the dozen! Mix and match your favorite Chewy Bites into a 12 bag Value Bundle for Instant Savings! To get started, Customize your Value Bundle to meet your personal preferences.

Selected Size: 12 Bag Bundle

Due to limited shelf life of Calcium Chewy Bites and to maintain best quality, we strongly recommend ordering only one Calcium Chewy Bite Bundle at a time.

Get A Bundle of Savings - Only $11.39 per Bag!

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very tasty
by Denise on 4/29/2016

got the value bundle, and have only tried the chocolate, which taste like tootsie rolls... the only word of warning I have it to be aware the shelf life is short.... the bundle gives you 720 chews, and since I am currently only taking 2 a day, 3 of the bags will expire before I can take them... the company however was great about refunding me for those 3 bags... IF you go for the bundles, make sure you put your dosage in the shipping detail box so they know how many a day you take and can plan accordingly with expiration dates. I only gave 4 stars because of the short shelf life

disappointed to say the least.
by Denise on 4/16/2016

I ordered the bundle pack, so I could have a variety of flavors and not get bored..... I need to take 2 chews a day to supplement my multivitamin calcium content.... so, one bag will last me 30 days.....they arrived today (April16,2016).. I got 3 bags of each flavor. The Chocolate expire -9-26-16, caramel expires 10-7-2016, Raspberry expires 1-13-2017 and the Lemon expire 2-6-17.... do the math.. should be a years worth of calcium.... but as you see, the longest dated bags are Feb 6,2017, so I will end up with 2 full bags and one 3/4 full bag of expired vitamins... that are not inexpensive...... which is why I only gave product 2 stars....

Hello Denise, thank you for contacting us. We sincerely apologize for any trouble or confusion. We do have a disclaimer on the bundle page which reads as follows:

"Due to limited shelf life of Calcium Chewy Bites and to maintain best quality, we strongly recommend ordering only one Calcium Chewy Bite Bundle at a time."

These items do have a limited shelf life due to their formulation and the nature of the item. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.

Calcium Chews
by teresa on 4/5/2016

Love these chews! The lemon and Raspberry are very tart and satisfy my sweet tooth.

by Dorothy M on 10/23/2015

Great tart lemon flavor for the lemon ones. Easy way to take calcium.

Will Never Buy Any Other Brand!!
by Carol on 6/1/2015

Folks, this is the calcium citrate to buy! Absolutely one of the perks of Bariatric Surgery!! We all know how many supplements and vitamins we are required to take every day. It can be a pain and an expensive one at that!! Enter these wonderful calcium chews---that are at the top of my list forever!! After an annual visit several years ago, I was told to up my daily calcium. Best News Ever! Every evening I sit down with a crisp cold apple and my caramel chews. And then I enjoy my treat for the day---bite of apple + bite of caramel, equals YUM!! And you save a "bundle" on the 12 bag bundle!!

Reviews 1-5 of 13

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Product Description

Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites - 12 Bag Value Bundle
60 Soft Chews per Bag   720 Chews per Bundle

After weight loss surgery, many people are required to add calcium supplements to their daily routine. Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites deliver 250 mg of calcium citrate in each delicious chew. When you find your favorite flavor, meeting your daily calcium requirement can actually be a task you look forward to taking on.

Bariatric Advantage Calcium Chewy Bites Value Bundle combines the flexibility of choosing your favorite flavors with the joy of saving money! Mix and match from four delicious flavors to create your very own Bariatric Advantage Chewy Bites Value Bundle of 12 bags and collect Instant Savings. You'll also enjoy the convenience of free shipping! (Contiguous US only)

Our Value Bundle Builder makes it easy to pick up the calcium your body needs for peak performance at a discount price.

These calcium citrate chews are also sugar-free, so you don't have to worry about getting extra carbs while you get the calcium you need. As an added benefit, these tasty chews also give you 125 IU of vitamin D3 which aids absorption. Each chew is individually wrapped and full of flavor. 60 chews per bag - 6 chews per day contain 1500 mg of calcium citrate. NOTE: one bag lasts 10 days if you are taking a required daily amount of 1500mg. Purchasing the 12 Bag Value ensures your favorite flavor calcium supplement will always be close at hand.

Getting started is easy, just click on the Customize button and let the savings begin!

OUR GUARANTEE: We're so certain you'll be pleased with the quality of these products, we gladly offer our Money Back Guarantee on all purchases.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


Directions: Take as directed by your doctor.

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