Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate Chewable 500mg, Wild Cherry (270 ct)

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Item#: BACALCIUM270 - In stock

  • Cherry flavor helps patients address ketosis breath and general breath odor
  • Been shown to promote bone health
  • Provides the most bio-available form of calcium and other nutrients

Selected Size: 270 Tablets

Selected Flavor: Wild Cherry

Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate, 500mg - Cherry

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Product Description

Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate Chewable Tablets wtih Vitamin D (500mg)
270 Wild Cherry Tablets Per Bottle

The chewable calcium tablet was developed to conveniently meet multiple needs of the Bariatric patient. The flavors help the patient address ketosis breath and general breath odor, along with providing the most bio-available form of calcium and other nutrients that have been shown to support bone health. The delicious flavors are very low in carbohydrates and provides them with the most bio-available form of Calcium and other minerals that have been shown to promote bone health.

Nutrients that make up The Bariaric Advantage Chewable Calcium Citrates are:
  • Calcium Citrate Repeatedly shown to be the most bio-available form of calcium. Calcium Citrate does not require an acidic environment for absorption, so it is an excellent choice after weight loss surgery. This form of calcium may protect against kidney stones, so it is safe to recommend to at-risk patients.

  • Magnesium Chelate Magnesium is important for bone health and supports calcium absorption. The amino acid chelate is easy to digest and is not likely to be irritating. Magnesium is also an important nutrient for cardiovascular health.

  • Vitamin D3 This natural form of vitamin D is readily converted to the active form needed for bone health. Vitamin D is needed both for calcium absorption and utilization. It is especially important to DS/BPD patients who have malabsorption of fat soluble vitamins.

  • Vitamin K Vitamin K plays an important role in bone health. Vitamin K is needed to synthesize osteocalcin, a major protein in bone. Low levels are associated with bone loss in men and women.

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Place tablet in mouth and allow to slowly dissolve. Use 3 tablets daily or as directed.

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Customer Reviews:

Reviews 1-10 of 10

Pills too big.
by Ana on 4/30/2016

I have not been able to take this vitamins because they're too big. I took them twice but it's quiet hard for me to swallow. Sorry but I won't be buying them anymore. Did not like the taste either.

Returned them
by Donna on 9/27/2015

Horrible! Chalky and bad flavor. I sent them back even though the postage was about 1/4 the price of the vitamins! Don't choose this one!

by Janice on 3/29/2015

Initially after surgery hard to get down. Not it's great. Just don't start with a dry mouth. No carbs and less inexpensive. Blood work al system good

Calcium Citrate Wild Cherry
by lorI on 1/27/2015

Not pleasant! The only way my husband and I can handle them is if we dissolve in water and even then its a struggle. Looking at reviews now to find something more palatable.

by Judith on 4/10/2014

It makes it easy to take each day, with its great taste!

Vitamin and minerals
by Cindy on 2/25/2014

I have used these 6 years now as well as multi, B12 and D. Love them all and so do my test results!

Horrible taste... I should have stayed with the Cinnamon flavor!
by Elisa on 12/26/2013

These taste horrible! Unfortunately, I was stupid and ended up with 270 of them, which means I'll be choking them down for many, many months. I wish I had stayed with the cinnamon flavor, which is much, much, MUCH better!

Hi Elisa, Thank you for your continued business and for taking the time to share your feedback. We are sorry to hear you are not pleased with the Wild Cherry Flavor Calcium. We strive to keep our customers satisfied. You will be contacted

really bad
by Deanna on 11/7/2013

these had a really bad taste. I will never buy these again. I sent them back

These tablets could be more fruity!!
by Tracy Ann on 8/30/2013

I was originally taking the Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate Caramel chews, and wanted to change them, so I tried these. I like them, but I feel the cherry flavor is very blah! I think it could taste better. Overall, I give it a 3 star rating. Hope you can improve it!

Calcium Citrate Wild Cherry
by RMB on 4/11/2013

Since my weight loss surgery, I have tried many different Calcium
Citrates. The retail grocery stores gummies seem to be the best tasting, but they also have the sugar to go with it. The Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate Wild Cherry flavor didn't have the best cherry flavor I've tried and I was a bit disappointed. I think the cinnamon flavor is superior.

Reviews 1-10 of 10

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